Getting married in Tuscany

Luxury Experiences in Tuscany

Yet, on closer inspection, sweetness is not the most intimate characteristic of the Tuscan land. Even in the most pleasant parts, such as the valleys of Mugello and Chianti, beneath the graceful exterior one discovers a precision, a purity of outline, a bare rigour of design: while the eye is enchanted by the sweetness of the first appearances, a more severe lesson slips into the soul.  Tuscan beauty is a beauty of rigour, of perfection, sometimes of asceticism, under the aspect of grace’

Guido Piovene

Tuscany is one of the most famous regions in the world for its beauty. In every corner you can feel the perfect harmony between history and natureart and landscape. Since ancient times it has seduced countless visitors and fascinated many artists.  Tuscany has an eventful past that has bequeathed extraordinary places and landscapes that are hard to imagine: expanses of poppies colouring green hills, imposing cypress trees lining country lanes, fields of wheat sparkling with the sun’s rays, fiery sunsets, villas, castles, farmhouses, agritourisms, spas, relais, characteristic restaurants, all immersed in a unique settingCurzio Malaparte describes it as a ‘magical landscape where everything is gentle around it, everything is old and new’. Tuscany is also a paradise for food lovers, for art cities where you can breathe history, for villages where time seems to stand still. It is also the perfect setting for lovers. The historic villages feel as if they had been created specifically to envelope visitors in a seductive atmosphere. At Lucignano, a small gem of medieval origin overlooking the Val di Chiana, the famous ‘tree of love’ has been preserved for centuries, a lucky charm and a truly unique masterpiece of goldsmithing. In the Val d’Orcia, on the other hand, you’ll be bewitched by the charm of Pienza where, among alleyways and craft workshops, you’ll come across the evocative Via del Bacio and Via dell’Amore. The rows of its famous vineyards can also be found at Montalcino and at Montepulciano. Not to mention the Terre di Siena, the countryside of Chianti and Florence which, as in Pistoia and Lucca, with their olive trees and dark cypresses creating tricks of light, have an enchanting appearance that smacks of painting and artistic perspective.
Tuscany’s castles, yet more gems waiting to be discovered, steeped in legend and mystery, take us back to the Middle Ages and plunge us into an enchanted fairy tale atmosphere. In the agritourisms of the Tuscan countryside, built like works of art by a refined population, on the other hand, the tastebuds are tantalised with local products and sophisticated wines. Tuscany is a dream come true, a unique experience that leaves you speechless. Getting married in Tuscany is the ultimate desire of many Italian and foreign couples who are spoilt for choice between the scented lands of Chianti or Versilia; the Val d’Orcia, also known for the sulphurous vapours of its thermal baths or the “volcano” of Monte Amiata, with its thick woods; the marshlands and park of the Maremma or the sunsets overlooking the sea of the Tuscan Archipelago with its seven isles, pearls of rare beauty: Pianosa, Capraia, Giannutri, Giglio, Gorgona, Montecristo and the largest one, the Isle of Elba. Whether in the countryside, by the sea or in the city, every important occasion, event or wedding is sure to be a dream come true, an unforgettable experience.