Alex and Diletta’s Dream a la Monet in the romantic frame of Elba Island

When I meet a couple for the first time, after the first approach that helps us to get to know one another, I explain the dynamics of organizing a wedding and the precious role of the wedding planner. As soon as we are ‘fine tuned’, I invite the couple to reflect on their idea for their wedding by asking: is there a common theme? Why don’t you think about what you have in common and transform it into a leit motif as in a symphony for piano and orchestra? Their response is not always immediate. Sometimes, the future bride and groom already have an idea that they have worked out together. For Diletta and Alex’s wedding, the bride had already made up her mind. The story of their relationship had been pleasant and serene, and the participation in the organization of the wedding experienced by both of them was infinitely sweet and authentic. The birth of a beautiful baby boy by the name of Lorenzo sealed their love, and he was the perfect “master of ceremonies” for their wedding as well as an elegant pageboy together with his little cousin Ginevra. Diletta is from Como and has a grand passion for shoes, one that turned into a profession six years ago after a trip to Paris. She creates original footwear designs for her family’s business where she works together with her two sisters, Maddalena and Sabrina, and her father. She is a dreamer! Alex, from Verona, is a building contractor for the construction and restructuring of buildings and villas. He loves art, and his grand passion is for creating objects in wrought iron. Diletta decided that their wedding’s theme would be that of a painting, a masterpiece by Monet exhibited at the National Gallery in London: The Water-Lily Pond.

From here, the dream began to take shape… and Elba could not have been a better place to make it come true. As in Monet’s landscapes, where nature becomes the mirror of the passions of the human spirit, the quick whisk of brushstrokes conveying emotions and the yellowy-violet pigments mixed with the predominant greens generating a dreamy atmosphere, the same way it happens on Elba, an island of ever changing colors, a natural, living painting that “paints itself” every day, dipping into the many colors of its palette. Portoferraio and the Salita Napoleone (Napoleon Staircase) with its pink-colored stones was the first scenic backdrop of their fairytale: an imperial stairway occupied not only by elegant and impeccably dressed guests, but also by a few curious tourists. Diletta arrived at the foot of the stairs in a vintage convertible Fiat Siata accompanied by her father; and then floated angelically upward the historic “road” in her splendid wedding gown1 made of French lace, finally arriving to the Chiesa della Misericordia. Two large pure white floral arrangements, rich with lilies, white gerberas, and lisianthus wisteria, framed the entrance of the church. Floral balls softly tied together with shoots of ivy were gently placed on long clouds of organza along the external stairs. The religious ceremony, solemnized with Ambrosian Rite, was emotional and suggestive from the arrival of the bride to the rhythmic notes of La Califfa by Ennio Morricone. The dreamy, regal atmosphere magically conquered all with a jubilee of flowers and precious fabrics resting on the balustrade, warmed by the flames that illuminated the already blissfully radiant glances of the couple and their family. Diletta and Alex’s exit was a well devised surprise by Maddalena and Sabrina: a giant papier-mâché heart added a moving coup de théâtre to the arrival of the bride and groom outside the church. Awaiting them were vivacious guests and the romantic release of two white doves, a bit dazed by the joyous noise of all present who let their delight reach into the sky with white balloons, petals and colorful confetti. The celebration continued in Piazzale De Laugier at the Caffe degli Artisti for a light aperitif with skewers of fruit and cherries accompanied by sparkling wine and fruit cocktails…

Chiesa della Misericordia

Then, at Villa Ottone, in the park of its historic 19th century dwelling for the reception, where guests enjoyed a splendid sunset over Portoferraio and a rich buffet with local and other specialties from both land and sea served by an excellent staff, for the sublime joy of the palate and eyes of everyone. The legendary barman “Paolino” added extra value with a Frozen à la Monet, in homage to the bride and groom and the great French painter. The stairway of the Villa became an enchanting set “warmed” along the sides by the yellow-orange flames contained in antique Moroccan lanterns, by floral balls, cushions and white fabric draped like the waters of a river. The park’s pond “reproduced” the leit motif of the wedding with water lilies and floating candles that “lit up” the night of recollections. No detail was left to chance: from the artistic menu to the ornate tablecloth, from the mise en place to the candelabra reflected on the silver mirror, from the cadeau for the guests to the setup of traditional Jordan almonds, from the cake to the silent light that gleamed from an ancient and mighty tree. A dream destined to remain impressed in their memory, forever!!! But, like the Water-Lily Pond by Monet, it lasted just for a short time. This is what happens at each wedding! It leaves you with the desire to continue the experience, hoping that it never ends. Never fear!!! You will continue to savor that sweet feeling and that “lifeblood” of love for a long time, loving each other and reliving the dream each time with the same intensity and emotion just the way it happens in a painting by Monet.

(1 Wedding dress by Atelier Aimée – Monza)

Ph. Credits Paolo Ridi