I’ll start from here! Starting from the “beating heart” of Portoferraio, quoting art historian Elba-native Gloria Peria (who often “lends her pen” to the Elba Per2 magazine), I’ll tell you the story of a secluded area of Portoferraio that is particularly dear to me as it reminds me of the smell of paint, of the perfume of salt air, of anchors, buoys, marine ropes, iron, and nails… It reminds me of my childhood, of hard work… my roots. A “glimpse” of Life! I used to go to Via Porta Nuova with my babbo, as we Tuscans affectionately call our fathers, when he had to supply a client with materials he did not have in stock in his shop. My father ran a hardware store, where he also sold nautical equipment and paint; he came from an ancient Elban family of businesspeople for generations. But let’s go back to Via Porta Nuova!